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Marlin Jackson - United States Marine Corps

Booby TrapLet me tell you something about my time in Vietnam.  During my first tour, I discovered anytime you’re in combat – in a shootout – anytime guys get wounded and killed all around you – when you’ve got that going, it sucks.  My first tour was one thing, but that second tour with 3/27 was just plain fucking bad.  If you’ve never seen the inside of another human being, you may not understand.  Even after all these years, I can close my eyes right now and see a buddy walking in front of me step on a booby trap.  A white flash fills my vision, and he comes apart in the middle of it.  You want to learn about human anatomy close up?  Join the marines and go to war.


1. "What the hell do you want in life?"
2. Marine propoganda
3. A surreal landing
4. Empathy for the enemy
5. Serious trouble
6. A messy situation
7. My time in Vietnam
8. Drugs and alcohol
9. Nightmares and Flashbacks
10. Beyond therapy