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Sidney Alvin Lee - U.S. Army Airborne Ranger

I wish I could finish this story by telling you the U.S. government was generous and forthcoming with my requests for care and disability, but I can’t.  Talk about a throwaway, Uncle Sam was happy enough to call me Brother when I did his dirty work for him.  As long as I pulled the trigger, he liked me enough to award me a Silver Star and thirteen Bronze Stars for Valor, but when time came to help with the physical and mental injuries I’d sustained in his service, he acted like I didn’t exist.  The government’s official policy for disability claims is to accept the word of a decorated combat veteran – that’s in the regulations – but even to this day, they do not. 

I fought for years for my disability rights.  Ultimately, I wrote the President of the United States, the Chairman of the Veterans Committee for Funding and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  I sent copies of my records and all supporting documentation.  It took years, but I finally succeeded in getting them to acknowledge my disability. 



1. Racism in the Military
2. Tossed into a River
3. Dad's Death
4. MLK
5. Jump school
6. Rosie Marie
7. A lot of action
8. The world turned to shit
9. Attacked from three sides
10. Green tracers
11. The last day
12. PTSD symptoms kick in
13. Too petrified to move
14. No support from Uncle Sam