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Carol Sundling - Air Force Flight Nurse

I’d finally done the right thing.  You couldn’t paint a more perfect picture of Americana.  My mother lived just down the street, so when I went away to reserve duty, the girls stayed with her, and everyone loved that.  After all the years, I’d finally made a good choice, and I prayed we could all grow up and grow old together.  Turns out, Selinsgrove was a blessing, my girls would experience stability in their lives, the decision I’d made was a good one, but my own personal life went downhill from there.

  • Carol Jean has a dual diagnosis – PTSD and alcohol dependence.   In terms of her PTSD, the move was avoidance.   As related to alcohol dependence, it was an attempt at a geographical cure.


1. Time to Toughen Up
2. Pissed off at God
3. The type of men they were
4. A bad night
5. Rape.
6. New location, same environment.
7. The right choice
8. My own needs
9. Not all wounds are visible